Filothei, Athens
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Private Residence in Filothei, Athens

The private residence is situated in the Athens suburb of Filothei, Greece.
The rectangular shaped building plot has a strong inclination, from its highest southwest point towards the lowest northeast boundary. The strong land inclination, as well as the unobstructed northeast views towards the city and the 2004 Olympic games athletic facilities, were strong conceptual components that influenced the architectural design.The building program on all floor levels is organized circularly around the strategically positioned central stairway.
Its horizontality and its strict geometrical volumes characterize the building. This emphasis on the linear geometry is intensified through the appearance of the external cladding, a combination of horizontal stainless steel blades and dark synthetic wood stripes.
The large openings in direct proximity to the outdoor covered areas, the garden and the pool, create a constant dialog between indoors and outdoors.