Mykonos Island
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Holiday Residence in Mykonos

The summer residence is located in Agios Petros, Ano Mera, on the Greek island of Mykonos. The building plot is south oriented, has a strong natural inclination and is accessed from its upper side.
The residence expands in three levels, following the natural slope of the landscape.
The entrance to the building is positioned at the northern side and through a vaulted covered space, along the central axis of the living- and dining room.
The large openings allow views towards the sea and the magnificent panorama.
Having the Aegean Sea as the background, the outdoor pool replicates the curved shape of the natural bay and thus becomes an important component of the architectural composition, in accordance with the structural curves that derive from the traditional Architecture of Mykonos. The loose shape of the pool is transferred on the morphology of the solid lounge area along the pool cascade, which is situated on a slightly lower level.

The covered outdoor spaces that connect the pool to the main areas of the residence have been conceived so as to protect thoroughly the outdoor sitting and dining area form the strong regional winds.

The morphology of the building is in accordance to the traditional architectural typology of the Cycladic islands. Although the composition of the white volumes of unequal height seems to be arbitrary, their positioning derives out of the natural slope and curving of the landscape. The predominant white color of the building’s superstructure is underlined by the stone base of the lowest level of the residence, as well as by the landscape design. Using the local stone of the island, the building complex fits perfectly in its natural surrounding.