Filothei, Athens
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Private Residence in Filothei, Athens

This private two-story residence is situated in the suburb of Filothei, in Athens. A residence of modern morphology dated back from the 70’s already occupied the site. In order to avoid the costs of demolition, excavations and a new concrete structural system, the structural elements of the pre-existing residence were preserved and used as a guide for the formation of the new residence. The basement as well as the first floor were both expanded in order to serve the needs of the new owners. Consequently, these expansions led to the reformation of the elevations of the building. Additionally, the surrounding area around the residence, the pool, the pool house and the façade from the street, were all remodeled anew. Finally, all electrical and mechanical elements of the existing residence were replaced. An element of the site that was left untouched during the reconstruction was the garden, rich in plant life, which was entirely preserved.